Components of an EPOS Machine

MPOS Machine

What is an EPOS system?

In the easy terms, basically an EPOS system is like a cash register/ till that transfers data to the computer instantly. Every product in a supermarket has its own unique barcode and the EPOS machine reads that barcode by using a barcode scanner. It then calculates the price and provides instant service to the customer about the price they need to pay. These are done by the EPOS hardware, at the same time, the EPOS software records the sales information and updates the stock level. The store owner can use this data to make many types of reports and this provides a big assistance in decision-making.

This entire process saves time of both the retailers as well as the customers and they can synchronize data between multiple channels and between point-of-sale and inventory storage.

EPOS Hardware

The first part of any EPOS machine is the hardware component, the part with physical components and machines. The components may include:

  • Terminal screen: This is the place where the payment process takes place after input of orders. Touch screen display abandons the need of keyboard and mouse and it enable faster data entry at the point of sale.
  • Receipt printer: This printing device prints out the customer transactions and helps to keep record.
  • Cash drawer: This is locked and thus reduces thefts by the staff and the EPOS system is controlled by the time and by the person who opens this drawer.
  • iPad/ tablet EPOS: These are best for the mobile or small stores to free up space occupied by the traditional hardware.
  • Barcode scanner: It is an electronic scanner to read the barcodes on different products. The two types of barcode scanners are handheld and multiline scanners. The multiline scanners have additional benefit as they speed up the entire process by reading barcodes form many different angles. They help to deal with a large number of transactions at the same time. Whereas, the handheld ones only deal with limited transactions.
  • Pole display/ customer display: This displays the prices and advertising information to the customers.
  • PDQ terminal: This is a device that accepts different kinds of credit card payments

EPOS Software

The most important thing is to have the right EPOS software that fulfills all needs of your business. We provide you such EPOS software that will be designed just for your business and carry out all your business operations successfully. The features common to all EPOS till software are:

  • Discounts and promotions
  • Processing of purchase and orders
  • Ability to get integrated with an e-commerce website
  • Tracking and control of stock
  • Loyalty programs

Many different businesses need additional features to fit their business needs. We are aware of this and we design the EPOS software according to your need and provide you with the best-fir solution.

With all the factors that make our EPOS machine distinguished from the other EPOS software, you should definitely buy our MPOS software.