IPad POS System or POS till System?

ipad pos system uk

There are many different kinds of POS system and the kind of business you run and your budget determine the kind of POS system that is good for you. One of these types is the POS till system and one other type is the iPad POS system UK. Both of these systems come with their own benefits, pros and cons.

The benefits of having an iPad POS system is that it can be installed into your iPad rather than getting new hardware for this purpose. Another benefit is that it is portable and is smaller than a complete POS system. The working is similar to the other complete POS system and it reduces your wastage.

But having a POS till would give you many additional benefits. I will compare the benefits of POS till system against the disadvantages of iPad POS system UK. This would help you make a better decision and make the most out of your POS system.

  • First and foremost of all, the POS till system is much durable and lasts for a long time. It works good without repairs and least maintenance. The iPad POS system may not be as fast as the till system because of being not designed for this specific purpose.
  • On an iPad POS system, the staff has access to the internet and they may waste time on doing other things apart from their job work. This would waste their time that they could otherwise use to serve the customers or do the other tasks. Rather than this, if you have a POS till system, then it does not have any other software, so the staff only has access to the POS software.
  • There are many security and privacy issues with an iPad POS system since it allows cloud access. Whereas, the POS till system is much secure and offers access to only a fixed number of people.
  • The last thing but not the least is that an iPad POS system UK is much expensive to replace.  The costs of repair is also very high and you need to get very specialized people for the maintenance and repair. The cheapest kind of iPad these days costs about £349. So, when iPad POS system faces an issue or the iPad breaks down, you have to pay a high price to repair or replace it. Whereas, the POS till systems are not that expensive and get easy repairs.

These are just few of the things that distinguish an EPOS till system from an iPad POS system. It makes it even better from those systems in terms of their functionality. The till systems are specially designed for the purpose of POS systems while iPads are not designed for this task. The big thing is the price and functionality. POS till system is better than iPad POS system in both of these things, so it is the best POS system for any kind of retail store.

MPos system is the right kind of POS system to work best in all types of stores.