There are many purposes that an MPOS serves in managing your business. From looking after the inventory tom managing the stocks and setting employee schedules, the MPOS system does all these things for your business. You will feel much relieved if you have an MPOS system to look after your shop. The customers would not have to wait in long queues for checkout, the shop staff would better look after the needs of the customers.

But what if all these things are managed through your mobile phone? Don’t be astonished as an MPOS MTN app makes it possible for you to look after your entire business straight from your smartphone. Those businesses are making the maximum profit today which depend upon the latest MPOS systems. The things that would be managed by using an MPOS app include managing the inventory, hosting customer engagement campaigns, looking after suppliers, customers and checking out reports from all sectors of your business. The smart insights help to manage the inventory seeing the suppliers, stock and purchase orders.

Another benefit is checking out the details of all completed orders in real-time and permitting just those employees who have the permissions to customize the website. The loyalty, smart and credit management insightful analytics enable you to know our customers in a better way. Do you wish to know how your business can adapt to an MPOS app and grow your business?

Just send your details and we will tell you all about our MPOS systems and the MPOS MTN app. We will share a demo to help you out. But believe me, it is easier than you can imagine and your business will adapt to our MPOS software in no time. You will have real-time stock updates on the MPOS app, that you will be able to access through the internet from any place without the need to physically visit the inventory yourself. The sale reports give important insights about your business and what is going on at your shop.

Some striking features of our MPOS MTN include:

  • Take benefits of special features just accessible through the app
  • Check balances of all the numbers that are linked with the system
  • Recharge easily and in no time
  • Personalize numbers
  • Track data and bundle use
  • Check out the purchase history
  • Look after the plans and switch them
  • Pay postpaid bills
  • Send SMS, data, voice and airtime bundles
  • Manage limits

All of these features would help to manage these things in your shop:

  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Customer engagement campaigns