The 4 types of EPOS system

Supermarket Epos

EPOS systems have become the need of every business these days, with the small business systems as well as the big ones tending to move towards an EPOS solution. There are three basic components of a standard EPOS system whether it is our MPOS or supermarket EPOS, the software, computer hardware and peripherals. The peripherals help in data entry into the computer system, the software processes and records this data and the hardware helps in storing data and functioning of the computer system.

The basic purpose of this computerized system is to perform various tasks, such as payments, inventory monitoring, sales and checkout. The fast processing of data does not lose the accuracy of data and keeps a record of all things that have been sold and keep the restaurant managers on top of the stock levels. You will definitely get all these and much more benefits if you get our MPOS, the benefits are not guaranteed for other EPOS systems, such as NISA EPOS and supermarket EPOS.

Here are the 4 basic types of an EPOS system:

  1. Beauty Salon EPOS system:

As the name suggests, this kind of EPOS system is mainly used in beauty salons, massage parlors, gyms and spas. It has been designed specifically to serve these places and comes with the functionality to control the stock, track the staff commissioning, booking appointments and much more. It also keeps a record of the people coming into the beauty salon such as their names, e-mail addresses and house addresses etc.

  • Retail EPOS system

This kind of EPOS systems are used in retail stores for managing stock, data, staff and payments etc. It customizes all sorts of tasks in the retail store and integrates everything into the business software. One of the best EPOS system are offered by our MPOS system. It would increase the accuracy and efficiency of your store, by tracking the purchases, sales and orders. This will reduce the time for you to manage these things manually.

  • Hospitality EPOS system

This kind of EPOS systems are used to handle and maintain all the complex transactions accurately and with flexibility. They maximize the profit thus reducing the costs and manual work. They work for all kinds of pubs, cafes, restaurants and bars. Efficiency is both for the small as well as the large businesses.

  • Fashion EPOS system

Why should fashion stores and clothing shops lack an EPOS system? This kind of EPOS system is for the clothing stores, shoe shops, sari shops, and suit shops and all other fashion stores out there. It provides the shop managers the control over stock for clothing as well as being the best solution for the fashion stores. It increases the sales by determining which fashion accessories are with selling and streamlining the entire process, thus increasing the productivity.

Get the best MPOS from us and don’t waste your time on trying out other EPOS such as NISA EPOS and supermarket EPOS.