How to Make your MPOS Secure?

usps mpos

Having an MPOS system is the biggest priority of every business owner these days. Whether you have a USPS MPOS or a premier MPOS, the biggest thing to be concerned about is the security. The first question that arises is how secure is the MPOS you are having? We answer this question by saying that our MPOS system is 100% secure that offers no privacy issues for the customers.

Here are some of the practices that you should do to make your USPS MPOS system secure:

  1. Monitor the terminals:

Cameras should be used to monitor the terminals. Some cybercriminals have been reported to attach skimmers to POS systems. Whenever a customer swipes a card, the skimmer captures the payment information and then this information can be used to commit criminal activities. When a surveillance cameras is attached to the system, it protects you from the wrong act of skimmers.

  • Get an antivirus software

This is one of the easiest ways to protect your business from attacks. This software scans for viruses continuously and it figures out any malicious files and viruses.

  • Secure your internet connection

Securing your networks is one of the most important steps, as many thieves do not attack directly but steal the payment information through the internet. Put a password on all networks and for further protection, set up a segmented connection.

  • Test your system from time to time

Run security tests and other checks that would tell you about the strength and security of your POS system. You will be able to find out the weaknesses and then make your system secure by getting rid of those weaknesses.

  • Have a monitoring services

This POS monitoring service would send you video clips and POS data whenever anything exceptional happens at the store. These exceptions are:

  • Refunds
  • Zero dollar transactions
  • No sales
  • Sales under one dollar
  • Cashier in and out
  • Reverse transactions
  • Voided transactions
  • Opening up of drawer without sale
  • Secure the POS device securely

The thieves may break in and steal data from the POS device. To prevent this, the POS terminals should fastened, secured and locked down. Monitor alarms can be installed for additional security to notify you about any break-in.

  • Keep the software updated

The outdated POS software enables the hackers to access vulnerable data and get into your system. Therefore, keep the software updated to prevent the hackers from gaining access to your software and private data.

  • Train the employees

The employees at the shop should be trained properly to identify any suspicious activity. The can prove very effective to make the POS system secure. They should be trained to know the security measures and the way to report any suspicious activity on the spot in order to minimize the damage.

  • Use complex passwords

Using complex passwords can prevent the hackers from cracking the passwords.

Get our USPS MPOS and stay secure from hackers!