Convenience Store Mpos System in Comber

Earn upto £23,000 More Per Year From Your Convenience Store.

Convenience Store Mpos System in Comber

Earn upto £23,000

More Per Year From Your Convenience Store.

*Based on £15,000 weekly c-store turnover

Use the MPOS method to work less and earn upto 3% more gross profit.

The POS that delivers results

A system built for retailers by retailerss

With over 40 years of industry experience, we understand the world of retail business. All our experience and industry feedback has gone into creating a full-service POS system that resolves all issues. We know your pain and provide a solution for it. That is why MPOS is a valued convenience store POS system with over 800+ clients all over the United Kingdom.

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We put the convenience in your convenience store

Cloud-based system

Easier bookkeeping with software integrations

Single-screen management for multi-site operations

Multiple payment method integrations

Multiple checkout counters for quicker billing

No system downtimes

Datalinks with all major wholesalers

Have the system reconcile sales and revenue

Identify reduced and binned products with barcoding


Offer greater payment flexibility to customers

With MPOS, you can provide multiple payment methods to improve customer experience. Integrate multiple payment gateways to serve more shoppers, and offer secure transactions to build the customers' trust in your brand.

Datalinks with major wholesalers

With datalinks connecting you with all major wholesalers, you can download all your invoices, browse wholesalers product files and download fascia group promotions at the click of a button. You get linked with Spar, Nisa, United, Day-Today, Shopsmart, Londis, Costcutter, Premier, Best-One, Batleys, Menzies and more, when you switch to MPOS.

Access your Cloud- based system anytime

File taxes digitally with our MTD-compatible system

MPOS devices are MTD-compatible which means that you can file digital VAT returns with the HMRC. Now you can save yourself the cost of paper and access your tax information anywhere.

U.K.-based Technical Support

Our technical support team is always available to support you with hardware and software issues. Our representatives work in shifts that overlap with your working hours to resolve your issues in a flash. We understand how important it is to have your store up and running at all times, and that’s what our support team is always striving for.

Make informed decisions using data

Store data regarding customers, products and sales

Get detailed reports to identify industry trends and consumer behaviour

Identify upsell opportunities by knowing your customers’ previous purchases

Make informed decisions to increase profits and reduce costs

Experience a smooth transition to Convenience Store Mpos System in Comber

Get a system that pays for itself

When you switch to convenience store MPOS system , you aren't paying out of your pocket. The system's efficiency and cost reduction is enough to compensate for the investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

POS or point of sale systems are software that allow you to manage your store, check inventory, bill customers and improve operations. POS systems also help with payments, service records and tax filing.

Using a convenience store POS system is simple. You just need to scan the clients’ products for the information to show up on a touchscreen display and communicate the price. Once all products for a customer are billed, you can use the convenience store POS system to accept cash or card payments.

A convenience store point of sale system helps you keep customer and service records, measure staff performance, understand shop profitability using reports, and calculate taxes owed to authorities. A convenience store point of sale system also cuts billing times for customers and provide more accurate pricing.

A convenience store POS machine includes a touchscreen monitor or tablet, a metal cash
drawer, a card payment terminal, and a built-in receipt printer.

The  Mpos System in Comber is providing a convenient way for local convenience stores to offer customers quick and efficient service. With this Mpos System, you can easily manage payments, track customer purchases and even create loyalty programs with ease. This Mpos System has quickly become popular among local businesses as it helps them save time and money while also improving efficiency. The system also provides a secure payment transaction platform where customers can safely pay using their credit cards or other methods of payment. With the Mpos System in Comber, businesses are able to serve more customers faster and deliver better service overall. This Mpos system also allows merchants to generate detailed reports about sales figures which help them decide on new strategies or promotional offers for their business. Additionally, with Mpos System in Comber, businesses are able to simplify their operations and reduce the cost associated with manual processes. Mpos System in Comber makes it easy for convenience stores to offer a seamless customer experience while also providing them with an efficient way to manage payments and track sales. With Convenience Store Mpos System in Comber, businesses can easily improve their customer service and overall business success.

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