MPOS Features

Credit Card Integration

We have partnered with the leading credit card providers to bring the best rates for credit card payments


Our till software has been designed to be simple yet powerful, allowing your staff to focus on customers

Smart Checkout Design

Our software is designed to save space at the checkout counter, allowing you more space to display and sell impulse products



Smart Till




Multiple Payment
Options Integration




Purchase Order


In-Depth Reporting
And Analysis


Weekly Health
Check Reports


Supplier Data Links
With All Major


Touchscreen Handheld
Device To Control The
Shop From The Floor

What does MPOS consist of?


MPOS till is the software used at the checkout. Our till EPOS software is designed to be simple and user friendly but powerful, fast and robust.

MPOS Backoffice

MPOS Backoffice is the admin console of the system Which allows product and promotions setup, purchase ordering and extensive reporting capabilities. This software is typically installed on a server in the backoffice but can be installed on the same machine as the till. More than one store but don’t need full head office capability? We can link your stores to share pricing and product setup so you don’t need to duplicate your work.


Our HHT is an Android based hand-held device which allows the user to control product and stock information from the shop floor. We provide an Android device with the software preinstalled which talks to the Backoffice server to control your stock and data in real-time.

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MPOS Head Office and cloud

MPOS have launched a head office and cloud version of their software which can link your store or multiple stores to the cloud and allow you to access your data and control your store from anywhere in the world.

MPOS Sales Checker

MPOS is the leading EPOS provider allowing remote access to your stores’ system. Our Android and iPhone apps allows you to stay connected with your store (or stores) enabling you to see live sales data, recent transactions, current cash details and weekly health check reports.

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Software and Hardware Integrations

MPOS has software integration with wholesalers (such as Spar, Nisa, Costcutter, Booker, Londis, Bestway, United WS, United WG and Menzies distribution amongst others) allowing the system to download live product catalogues and invoice information and keeping your data accurate without intensifying your work. The system also links to various third-party cigarette gantries, scales, smart cash drawers and various other hardware devices.

Credit / Debit Card Integration

MPOS has integration with all the major credit card terminal providers. Our preferential rates that are always better, or at worst match the offer anyone else makes to you. Card integration with MPOS speeds up your transaction speed and can very often help in reducing labor costs while improving customer satisfaction and reducing staff errors in the process.

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