Prepare your convenience store for the Christmas rush

Prepare your convenience store for the Christmas rush


You’ve worked hard to get your convenience store ready for the Christmas rush. You’ve stocked up on all the necessary items, you’ve hired as many employees as you can afford, and you’ve trained them to use your reliable POS system. Now all you need to do is wait for December 25th, right? Not really! There are still a few things you can do before Christmas Eve to ensure that your store runs smoothly during this busy period, and that you earn the extra profits MPOS has to offer.

Staff up

It’s important for you to prepare your staff for the increase in customers. People will come in excited and spend time buying what they like. Your employees need to be appropriately trained, well-rested, and ready to serve this inflow. Your MPOS system will help your staff serve more customers, process their items, and bill them quickly. Make sure all of your new staff members are well-trained to use the POS system.

  • Make sure they know how much time they have before they begin working. You don’t want an employee who is tired or hungry rushing through his shift just because he doesn’t know if he’ll get any breaks at all.
  • Make sure your staff is on time! If you’re expecting a lot of customers during the Christmas season, then it’s even more crucial that your employees arrive at least 20 minutes before their scheduled start times so that people don’t wait around for them in line outside your store waiting for hours on end just because someone forgot about their shift changeover plans—and yes, it does happen!

Preparing for cash shortages

You must make sure that your MPOS till has enough money inside. You must also keep enough cash as backup, not necessarily in the cash drawer, but still have it on you.

  • Have enough cash on hand.
  • Make sure there is a float in the till.
  • Have a backup plan for when the ATM breaks down, like putting up signs directing customers to another machine or sending them over to your competitor’s store (which will be even more crowded).
  • Keep an eye on how much money you’re spending each day so that you don’t run out too quickly and get into trouble with your supplier.

Keep an overview of your stock

Your MPOS system allows you to keep an eye on the inventory and the items that are running low. Make sure you review the data from last year to understand what customers buy the most so you can create purchase orders accordingly. MPOS will allow you to identify trends and order the right quantity.

Create some friendly competition with staff

Competition can be a good thing. It helps to motivate your staff, creates a sense of community, and helps you identify the best employees. This is especially true in the case of convenience stores, which are often staffed by people who have been with you for years on end. We are sure MPOS will make things easier for the staff, share their burden, and keep their stress levels low.

Be ready for the holidays

The holidays are a busy time for convenience stores, and it’s important for you to be prepared. If you want your store to be successful this season, here are some tips:

  • You’ll need more employees than usual during the holiday rush, so hire extra help and make sure they’re ready for their big day. If possible, rotate shifts so that everyone gets enough rest—but don’t forget about those who work nights or weekends!
  • Create the right purchase orders using MPOS to stock up on products that will sell well during the busiest times of the year like candy or snacks for kids as well as meat products like hot dogs/sausage. Also, consider stocking up on items such as iced tea concentrate if you are living down south.


MPOS is the most reliable POS system in U.K. You will have your work cut out for you during the holiday season if you know how to make the most of it. It’s reporting and stock management will allow you to prepare for the increased number of customers that will enter your stores. It will also help staff serve customers quickly with its flexible payment options. All-in-all, if you are using MPOS, you are halfway there.

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